Rules on Use Management of the AICM-EHS Regulatory Database
The AICM-EHS Regulatory Database is a nonpublic information retrieval system and its user login requires permission authorization. To guarantee the normal, safe, and convenient use of the AICM-EHS Regulatory Database, the Rules on Use Management of the AICM-EHS Regulatory Database are stipulated based on the fact that U-Key encrypted login is abolished.

1. User registration

The EHS users of AICM member companies can login and carry out user registration by following the relevant prompts. If normal login and use cannot be achieved, the user and / or his company should immediately contact AICM administrator (email to or fax to 010-85181891), explaining the situation and offering his user name and code for the administrator to find out and solve the problem. One person can only register one user name. He cannot register a new name even if he forgets the code. Instead, he should click the “Retrieve Code” button to get back the code by following the prompt or report the missing to AICM administrator, who will help retrieve the code.

2. User management

The user formerly using U-Key shall alter his code and supplement new information by using the former user name. He should not register a new user name. A new user should also register only one name. If a user is transferred to another company, which is also an AICM member, he can revise the information under the former user name and continue using the AICM-EHS Regulatory Database. If the new company is not an AICM member, the user name will be cancelled and the user can no longer use the AICM-EHS Regulatory Database.

3. New AICM member and membership secession

A new AICM member company should timely offer its information, like the suffix of its mailbox, to AICM administrator, for realizing its database registration and login. When a member company secedes from AICM, all its users will be cancelled and denied further use.

4. Use restriction

The registered user name and code should only be used personally by the authorized employees of the member company. They should not allow others to use it. Any violation leads to the cancellation of such user.

5. Data download restriction

No user should in any form carry out batch or continuous download of the regulation or standard texts from the database.

6. Liabilities

The user should strictly abide by these management rules and the AICM-EHS Regulatory Database Legal Liability Statement (see details in the Legal Liability Statement on the first page of the AICM-EHS Regulatory Database System). The violator should bear the consequences caused by illegal use.
Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM)
July 2, 2014
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