Disclaimer of AICM-EHS Regulation Database System
1. The laws, regulations, and standards collected and sorted out by AICM-EHS Law and Regulation Database System (AICM-EHS Law and Regulation Database and Information System) (hereinafter referred to as “this database system”) are all from governmental communiqués and standard publications (purchased). After standardization processing and systematic integration in database format, these data are transformed into this database system. Therefore, this database system bears no liability for any technical or copyright problems.

2. This database system is used exclusively for the exchange, study, and research of AICM member users. No user should distribute, modify, spread, reuse, redeliver, or use the contents of this database system for any public commercial purpose without explicit written consent of AICM administrator of this database system, Where other media, websites, or individuals download data from this database system, they shall bear relevant legal responsibilities including that of copyright.

3. Where any user intends to adopt the laws, regulations, and standards in a formal manner, he/she should, through special channel, purchase those released by the state.

4. This database system does not guarantee the integrity of the laws, regulations, and standards it contains and whether or not any virus lurks inside it. The users should take debugging and anti-virus measures of their own accord.

5. Without explicit permit of AICM, no website should link up to or copy the law, regulation, and standard resources of this database system.

6. The Database is owned by AICM. No other person should infringe upon or damage the said contents, technical measures, and services or use them without consent.

7. Under no circumstance shall this database system guarantee or bear responsibility for any loss or damage in any form to any user or others due to the user’s reading or using of the resources of this database system. Meanwhile, it shall not make any direct, indirect, statutory, and agreed promise for any content of this database system used by the users. The users shall bear the responsibility for any loss or damage (including the direct, indirect, special, or consequential losses or damages, such as the income or profit losses, damages to computer system or data losses).

8. Without the permit of AICM, no person should release or exhibit product iinformationin this database system.

9. No user should infringe upon or try to infringe upon this database system, including: logging on to the server or account number without authorization; entering the off-limits area of this database system; trying to detect, test, or damage the safety of this database system; trying to disturb the services offered to its users by this database system. AICM shall, in accordance with the law, investigate the legal responsibility of all the individuals or entities that cause damage to this database system or network safety.

10. After registration, user name, and code under the use and custody of special personnel, who should, based on the business need, standardize the use of the downloaded data. The user shall bear legal responsibilities for all the activities carried out under the registration name and code.

11. As electronic texts may involve copyright issue and other legal disputes, the users should not take the liberty to download and copy them for distribution or profit-earning purposes. The violating user shall bear the corresponding responsibility for the legal and copyright disputes thus caused.

12. No user should copy or reprint any data of this database system for commercial purposes.

13. No user should use any data of this database system to serve others for profit-earning purposes.

14. If by any chance this database system unknowingly infringes upon the intellectual property right of any entity or individual, please inform us by letter or telephone call, we (this database system) will correct it immediately.
Copy right:Association of International Chemical Manufacturers(AICM), 2009
Technical support:China National Chemical Information Center